Scott R.

Christopher C.
For someone who doesn't even know that Lucas Oil Raceway is a 5/8th Mile Asphalt short-track... you sure do seem to know an awful lot about what will happen to the young and talented Ms Deegan if she comes in 2nd in the K & N Points race. Do you have inside information or is this just based on an uninformed and inaccurate assumption on your part???
Tell me please, Did Michael Self, who is currently leading the ARCA Championship in points, ever win a K & N Championship? Or... is he just a talented enough driver, with access to top quality sponsorship, to get a well deserved shot at racing full-time in ARCA and possibly beyond??? 
I believe you underestimate the power of the purse (sponsorship) when it comes to who gets the quality rides and who does not. Young Ms Deegan has a bright future ahead of her if she keeps as dedicated to the training and improvement it will take to be a success in any sport. She also is packing that Monster Energy sponsorship package which will help her through the rougher waters. 
It is my hope that ARCA continues to build young future talents with an eye towars moving them up the ladder and on to bigger and better things. From Eckes to Gibbs and Holmes etc etc there is some real talent here. The hard decisions will come down to sponsor backing and that is just a fact of racing today. 
Feel free to disagree but please do so with facts and not assumptions. Thank you.

checkers or wreckers

will fantasy racing 2020 cover all three arca menards series?

Bryan H.

Why did ARCA move this race date away from the Brickyard weekend?  That would be a great week with the BC39 on Wednesday and Thursday, ARCA on Friday, then silver crown on Saturday.  


Something like that next July 4th weekend I hope.

Christopher  C.

And there’s only four races left in the k&n pro series if Hailie doesn’t win the race or be ahead of Derek Kraus soon her goal will be completely gone poof and she’ll never compete in arca race for full time in next year

Christopher  C.

because according to the k&n pro series standing Hailie Deegan is in 2nd with 29 points away from Derek Kraus