Anthony A.

Eckes to the Rear, Engine Change


Jimmy Johnson's hair sure got curly!

Crystal Bates

Lol it sure did

Dylan S.

Why does it show Jimmie Johnsons name and kurt Busch and aric 


Martha S.

Looks like it is on FS1 at 8:00pm, western time. 

roger c.

just looked it up on my YouTube TV it's tape delayed until 10 Central Time on Fox sports 1

Lonnie B.

It shows on my TV guide it will be televised on foxs2 at 8:30et...

michael w.

Forget the guide -- MAV-TV will broadcast the race live and will live stream the race.  7:30 CDT.

michael w.

Forget the Guide -- @7:30 CDT MAV-TV will televise the race and will live stream it. THEN @10:00 CDT or when the ballgame ends, FS1 will RE-AIR the race.