Why is the race tomorrow night no longer live on FS2?  Your info above still lists live FS2 at 7:30 pm and replay on FS1 at 10:30 pm. This is so unacceptable!  I read this from a NASCAR post:

They’ll settle the title Friday evening at Kansas Speedway in the Kansas 150. The race will air live on MAVTV and, for the first time, it will stream live on, beginning at 8:30 p.m. ET. The race will also air on same-day delay on FS1 following the conclusion of the American League Championship Series game, at approximately 11 p.m.

Sure would be nice is folks running the show knew what was going on and posted correct info. This race was never listed to be shown on MAVTV. SMH

Abbas L.

Race will be on MAVTV at 8:30 pm tomorrow night read


The race is being moved to MAVTV because of the last minute rain out last night of the American League Championship Series. It wasn't planned from the start. It's a whole big mess because of the rainout and caused scheduled changed with like 6 different channels now to try and accommodate eveyone. At least they are airing the race live and not just waiting for the delay. 

michael w.

Thanks, I just about it on the NASCAR official page … I will be live streaming it on

Charles Krall

Hi crewmom! Sometimes things outside of our control force us to make a last-minute change and that's exactly what happened here. You can watch tonight's race on MAVTV or for free on Not a bad way to make lemonade out of lemons. Thanks for being here and thanks for watching!

michael w.

I will try this again/the comment I posted an hour ago seems to have gone away … I agree with Tyler P. … FS2 has another event listed. I want to see it live, so where do I go to see it. … Maybe the Fox people don't even know what is being listed, because the FS1 listing at 10 says re-air. I WANT to see it LIVE. Please give us some correct information, Please I do not want to watch volleyball (listed at 8).

michael w.

How can FOX or ARCA be reached to find out what is really happening? Could someone please help? I want to see the championship LIVE!!! Not a re-air.

michael w.

My listings have now been changed to show the ARCA race on FS2 at 7:30. Thanks FOX.

Charles Krall

Hi Michael! Weather in another sport has affected us, and that's just how it is sometimes. We've made a change to go to MAVTV and the race will be streamed on for those who don't get MAVTV. It's a pretty awesome thing to have everyone step up and pitch in to make this happen. Thanks for your concern and thanks for being an ARCA fan!

Tyler P.

The race isn't showing on the TV guide.


I read FS-2 live and FS-1 right after.

Abbas L.

Will be on MAVTV at 8:30 pm tomorrow night 

Anthony A.

Show's on mine on FS2 at 8:30pm

checkers or wreckers

woo hoo tanner gray racing arca!


Heck yes! Glad to see Majeski and Deegan on the entry list!