Ryan S.

No Brad Smith? :(

Colby E. #06, #48

Smith doesn't have the time or $ to test, he's getting his Yellow ford ready

Christopher  C.

 But what if Hailie deegan fails the Daytona test

Gabriel W.

You literally just have to make minimum speed and not be brain dead

Robert T.

8th fastest not bad


Any news on the 27 team?

Bill F.

Fike fired the CC midseason, the handful of guys he still had left the team and Braden split back to Late Models


I think Travis Braden ruined that program. With all his degrees that he must have received in some sort of college admission scandal, don't really think he is all that smart. I don't think he knows as much as he thinks he does and he didn't get along with the other crew chief because he knows way more than a guy that has been around forever. He was supposed to bring someone's to that program and didn't. I think Fike got tired of him and his selfish attitude. I believe that if Fike have had a little more fun and been appreciated more by his driver, they both may still be racing in ARCA.


Braden was supposed to bring some sponsor money to the program, he brought nada.


Looks like we may actually see a 30+ car field for the race this year, maybe close to 40.

Picture Guy Anthony

Now up to 47 entries


Where are you seeing this?

Picture Guy Anthony

Im seeing it from the entry list