• kidx

    Arca Sim Racing 08

    Arca Sim racing 08 has been a blast but when next year comes there will be no dedicated server.I hear we will have to pay monthly for it
    not to b***h chew or whine but for $49.99 american hmm jumping to $55.00 a year to race?
    if any of you agree that one fee is enough please post here andn not agree that one fee is enough that dedicated servers are enough.Arca your an awsome and exciting racing league like nascar only Arca and Canadian Tire series can make great door to door racing every year so improve the sim don't ruin it for other peoples experience we like racing and as for a canaian soon i won't be racing if its priced 55 a yea cause i have to by the box that we host on (AKA server) so rember better the sim racing world for me you and the rest of us.

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