Daytona Countdown

Daytona Countdown
Sounds like someone (Milka Duno) got jealous and wanted a piece of the Danicamania pie. I'm really hoping she stays out of the way. At this point, let's just hope the Daytona race doesn't make the ARCA Racing Series (presented by RE/MAX and Menards) look like a joke on national television.
Andy M.

Although I must say, Danica coming onboard is a huge plus. It's a huge ratings gain for ARCA now. This race will be the most watched ARCA race ever.


Quinten T.

can't wait!!1

Happy Hiker

Good luck to Mikey Kile


It would be a beautiful weekend Mikey wins on Saturday and Saints win on Sunday.


I think Patrick Sheltra will come home with a big win at Daytona. No matter what - it surely should be better than Daytona last year for him.

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