ARCA Street Stock Tech info, Building and Racing a Street Stock

ARCA Street Stock Tech info, Building and Racing a Street Stock

This thread is for TECH info on ARCA Street Stocks that race at Flat Rock and Toledo.




Here is a link for lots of Street Stock chassis info, it is an old thread from the from the Michigan Short Track Racing Club forum,,

click on link below


The Best and Cheapest frame and chassis to use is a FORD Crown Victoria chassis.


Crown vic tech info

1997 to 2001 crown vics have the same front suspension as 1996 and older crown vics,,,it is like a 1970 to 80's GM RWD front suspension. but it comes with a trick Dirt LM suspension


front suspension pics,,scroll to bottom


rear suspension, It is like a Dirt Late model's suspension,,very trick, 4 parallel links and a Watts linkage!

The 2002 crown vics have a SLM type aluminum front suspension ( R&P, C/O shocks ) that may not be legal at other tracks.

Older model crown Vic chassis pics


When we look at ALL the Stock frames and supensions from an engineering and Economic stand point...
which frame had the best stuff to make a SS....

That criteria was...

#1 It had to be cheap.

#2 it had to produced in large numbers.

#3 It had to have a wide tread width.

#5 It had to have a Heavy duty rear axel STD.

#6 It had to have heavy duty hubs and spindels.

#7 It had to have come with factory 4 wheel disc brakes.

#8 It had to have a stiff stong frame.

#9 It had to come from the factory with a 3 link/panhard bar rear suspension.

Can you guess which frames met most of these criteria?????

I will give you hint...It was NOT the GM MId sized car frames.


Now lets examine some of the other candidates than meet most of the criteria...

The 1965 to 1970 Chevy Impala Frame meets many of the criteria of a good candidate...

It has...

a wide tread width,

a strong frame,

3 link/panhard bar rear suspension.

12 bolt heavy duty rear axle.

Strong hubs and spindles.

But is now RARE, and is out of the competition because its too hard to find.

Next (IMHO THE BEST Candidate) is the 1965 to 1978 full sized Ford Galaxy,LTD,Mercury Marquise. The 1976 to 1978 frames are a little lighter because they went from .110 thick steel to .090 steel.

they have a Very Wide track width, about 4 inches wider than a GM chassis.

they come with a Heavy duty Ford 9 inch rear axel.

The Lincoln Town Car disc Brake Rear axel Bolts right in, No mods needed.

They come with a 3link/panhard bar rear suspension.

they have Heavy duty, spindles, hubs, Wheel bearings, Tie rods, Ball joints, and wheel studs. the spindels are Forged Steel NOT Cast iron, so tabs can be welded on to adapt the GM Calipers if you want to.

The frame is VEry strong, and is Boxed from the factory. It is very EASY to shorten the wheel base to 105"" because the frame rails are rectangular tubing.

But now these frames are getting a little harder to find.

I built many Street Stocks using the 1976 to 1978 Full sized Ford LTD frame, and at Flat rock they still run strong, against cars that use the Full HOWE racing suspensions.

In 1979 Ford completly changed their frames and copied the GM frame, the 1979 to 1997 ford Crown vic frames are simular to the GM frames but are MUCH stronger, but because they came with GM type 4 link rear supension...They do not make a good candidate.

In 1998, Ford Updated the Crown Vic chassis, This would make a good candidate..Because..

It has a wide tread width..

It has a strong frame, the main frame rails are of 2X4 rectangular tubing. shortening the wheell base from 114.6"" to 105"" is EASY.

It has high rear frame kickups that will clear the rear axle when the car is lowered.

It has heavy duty, Spindles, hubs, brakes, Ball joints, tie rods, and wheel studs.

It has a Strong rear axle, with available rear discs. Many cars came with a 3.55 ratio rear axle. Using a Powerglide Trans will give you 6.25 final ratio.

for 1998, the Rear supension was completly changed to copy a Dirt Late modle, It has a watts linkage in combination with parallel 4 links, This is cool rear suspension.

And because this 1998 & up Crown vic, Mercury Marquise, Linclon Town car, frame was made in LARGE numbers they are locally Available and CHEAP!

A 1998 to 2001 frame will not need to be sand blasted, it will be rust free.

Most of these cars were owned by Old folks and are Low milage. a chassis with about 50,000 miles can be had for a few hundred dollars, You will not have to rebuild any thing... You will use the original Ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings,rotors, clalipers, control arms, and rear axel.

Soo lets look at the costs, work and time to build a Street Stock using the 1998 & newer Ford chassis.

shop around get a low milage 1998 & up chassis that has the disc brake 3.55 ratio rear axel.

YOU are saved the time,money and work of rebuilding the suspension and sand blasting the frame. You do not have to change the rear axle ratio, it is already OK.

shorten the Main 2X4 frame rails to get 105"" wheelbase.

Install your roll cage. ( as far to the rear as possible).

Install the Fabricated steel interior.

Install your Chevy V8 with the powerglide trans.

Install your Steel template body.

Install your racing springs and shocks.

Go racing with a killer car that is LOW cost, easy to build, easy to repair, that handles great as it came from the factory.


Good info 

wayne w.

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