Enduro Racing questions and answers

Enduro Racing questions and answers

ARCA, Please Post on this thread the 2011 Enduro Rules, and the 2011 enduro schedule and pay out.


Are Mustangs with a 302 Ford V8 Legal for the Flat Rock Enduro races?

I think I have seen them race in the Flat Rock enduro's befor.

I hope they are, they would be a very cheap and good car to build.

Rear Wheel Drive GM cars with a V8 are over 25 years old and are hard to find and are Expensive,,,,But a 10 year old Mustang with a 302 V8 is easy to get and they are very cheap.

wayne w.

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Eddie M.

Any one know where I can get some Hoosier Sportsman tires? How much are new ones at the track? Are they available the day of the enduro???



Yes they are availble at the track on any race day. they are about $105 each

raymond m.

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