Jacob Hawkins looking for Ride

Jacob Hawkins looking for Ride
www.jacobhawkins.com My name is Jacob Hawkins,With today’s economy, a competitive and successful business needs special styles of advertising to stay in front of the competition. I’ve enclosed the attached package, which will furnish you with details concerning my capabilities to be a useful tool in promoting your company’s logo. I understand what businesses need to ensure they receive maximum exposure for their advertising dollar. With our partnership during the racing series and the additional promotional opportunities available I am confident your business will receive the significant product and service awareness you are looking for. We are hoping, after reading, that you will want to Sponsor this team. What makes a successful driver are his team, his sponsors, and his fan base. Without those, he cannot succeed. A successful driver must have strong support with people that believe in succeeding. We are looking forward to building a strong support system for Jacob. Become part of his support system, with sponsorship, and watch him grow.

Jacob, if you are still looking for a ride give me a shout. As long as you aren't represented by someone , maybe I can help.

William D.

Hey I'm also looking for a ride.

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