What's Wrong with Hessert?

Being a guy from PA/NJ I have followed Tom Hessert for the last couple of years.  I He did really well last year in the Penske equipment and with the team.  I was a bit concerned with him going to Schrader's just because it seems that everybody that goes over there can't win.  They just ride around somewhere between 7-15th.

Heck, Dakota Armstrong ran there for a while and left and he wins more in his limited schedule.  I just am not sure about KSR as a whole.  Good guys it seems, but I think they just aren't going to be able to get it done. 

Everybody loves Kenny, but honestly I met him once at DuQuoin and he sort of hit me like he was more concerned with dirt racing and drinking beer.  I'm just worried that Tom hasn't put himself in a great position for the future.



The Pit Lane

Maybe the fact that Federated Auto Parts is sponsoring the No. 52 car for the full season was one of the reasons why Hessert elected to drive for Schrader?

We hope that Hessert will turn his season around soon!

The Pit Lane

Nick P.

I guess, but I wonder how much $ they are actually pitching in.  Hessert still has daddy's dealership on the car.  The Federated deal just helps give him some credibility.  I just don't think Schrader is committed to winning.  Richards, Armstrong and others have been there the left and ended up at Venturini's / Penske and run well and won.  Just think things have passed Schrader by.  Here is hoping Tom can figure this out.

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