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Members of Michigan

For current or former residents of Michigan. I've noticed that a lot of people on Arcanation from Michigan, so I felt the need to make a group. Don't join if you have never been to Michigan.


Go Motown !!


Hey Frank, thanks for finally joining.


Nice, I went to Mackinac Island last summer, beautiful place! I live in Pinckney MI.

Big Mike

Born in Chicago, Raised in Saugatuck, Michigan, now live in Longwood, Florida. Raced the local tracks around Fla, and raced in that incredible "Ball's Promotions" World 500 Enduro 500 lap Series back in 1987/1988 won a race in gaffney at Cheroke Speedway. I try to attend as many of the summer Michigan and Ohio ARCA races as possible. Hi Everyone.

Mike Kubanek

Jacob Hawkins

Born in Traverse City Michigan, now I live in Phoenix Arizona.

Hi everyone

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