World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation

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World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation

The Foundation is based in the motor sports industry and provides educational materials to clinics and schools on breast cancer, gives grants to clinics that provide breast cancer services to the poor and un insured as well as a Family Grant, that provides up to $10,000 to the victims of breast cancer that are poor and un insured.

The Foundation attend racing events of all kinds to raise awareness and funds.  On there web site they have a web store. /  They have an events web site where you can see the events they will be at.

They will also be hosting car rallies all over the USA starting in 2012 and hopefully in other parts of the World.  The Foundation is always looking for sponsors and individuals to get involved.

Tom P.

We are extremely happy to announce that Derek White of Street Vizions has agreed to build a 1932 roadster for the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation. He will be taking it to several events and it will be raffled or auctioned off, come the end of this year with the proceeds going to the World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation. Efforts are being made to have this vehicle at SEMA 2012.
We will be posting drawing and photos of the vehicle soon. Any company that would like to be part of this project should contact Derek directly. Do check out his web site and if anyone would like to get involved with the project remember that any contribution is tax deductible since we are a 501 (c)(3) charity. 
Check out Derek's work at:

P. O. Box 124
Park Ridge, IL 60068

Tom P.

Help!  The World Motor Sports Breast Cancer Foundation is in need of racing dates and venues that would allow the Foundation ot attend and have a booth to hand out our educational material as well as allow us to sell our apparel to raise funds.  If any track would be interested in working with the us please contact me at:

Please forward this to anyone that you might know that think might be interested.