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Home of Kent "the Deck Chef" Whitaker and anyone that loves racing, family, friends and tailgating at the track, cooking for a team or a crew or grilling in the back yard. This group is a place to share tips, recipes, ideas, stories and information about the fine art of tailgating and cooking. 

Kent Whitaker

I think it's killing the ARCA Nation. Spam is everywhere, I clicked through a whole bunch of members that are new and many of them look fake. I hat it, I've tried to send emails to ARCA about it but with no response.



What is up with all of the SPAM for clothes, shoes and coats on the NATION?>>>>>>I agree. Not needed at all. It sure turned me off.

Kent Whitaker

What is up with all of the SPAM for clothes, shoes and coats on the NATION?

Kent Whitaker

Getting ready for Racing, Super Bowl and Pitchers and Catchers reporting. LOOKING FORWARD TO WARM WEATHER.... yes I yelled. I am not a cold weather person.

Quick Tailgate recipe
Frozen Meatballs thawed
Italian Dressing
BBQ Sauce
Provolone Cheese
Some type of bun
Chopped and grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms
Skewer the meatballs, sprinkle with Italian seasoning and baste with Italian Dressing and BBQ sauce that has been mixed togeher. When heated up on the grill, slide onto a bun, remove slewer, top with grilled onions, peppers and such the cover with cheese.

Meatballs made from lean ground beed or lean ground turkey, low fat/calorie wheat buns, light Italian, light BBQ sauce and low fat cheese.


Kent Whitaker

Hope everyone has a MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!! Trying to decide if I am smoking a Turkey or a Ham... maybe ribs....

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