Leo Kryger

Well the 8 week of the Menards ARCA racing series is in the books with the running of the General Tire #Anywhere is Possible 200 at Pocono Raceway, Congratulations to the #22 team, Ty Majeski, with their win.
Brad Smith pulled into Pocono hoping for a better week than in Charlotte the week prior as he was back with the crew he calls "The Jersey Boys". At Pocono this week there was an optional practice on Wednesday where they had 15 cars participating in, the #48 team was not one, to which they started their weekend events on Thursday.
Thursday morning garages opened at 9AM and Brad pulls his #48 Copray Web machine into the Pocono Raceway garage area feeling good about his car and the team support he will have in this weekend. Thursday was no on track action, all tweeking and tech. Garages opened at 9AM and to work went the #48 crew verifying all nuts and bolts are tight, decals in place, engine in race shape and through tech the car went. 1st we go through engine where Earl looks at our spacers and takes carburetor measurements, while Ilmor takes readings from the ignition box, all passed. On to templets, where they measure the body shape all over to make sure there is no aero advantages on the car, once again passed and moving on. Next stop is the scales where the measure roof height, spoiler height and chassis height, a few adjustments needed here, not many, but most cars need adjustments here, our inspection day was over and back to the hauler. For the most part day was over for the team, just cleaned the car and covered the car for the pending storms to hit the area overnight.
Friday is here, and it is to be a busy day for the team, practice at 9AM, qualifying at 2PM and the race at 5:45PM, but the track had different plans for this day. With all the rain which came through the area over the previous few days the track developed "weepers" in turn 2 and on the front stretch next to the exit of pit road. The track team worked for hours on this while we attend to the car. We warmed up the oil in order to start the motor to listen for anything we may see or hear that could be an issue with the motor. We did hear a sound we did not like and brought Ilmor over who sent over one of their technicians to looked at the motor and the deemed the motor ok to race as the noise could be from the power steering pump of a small exhaust leak.
Well with track finally ready, and now our 45 minute practice session will become our qualifying session as well, lining us up according to practice speeds, this all due to the time lost to track repair and us not getting on to the track until 11:30. Brad went out in practice and ran 7 laps and stated car felt comfortable, which is good and put up the 16th fastest speed in the session, so we are to start the General Tire #Anywhere is Possible 200 in the 16th position. After practice we looked over the car one more time, topped off fuel, made final adjustments and pushed the car to staging area for the race, now it is sit and wait.
5 PM comes and drivers are called to the cars to driver them to pit road for the introductions on pit road next to the cars. 5:42 comes and drivers strapped in and the command is given, "Gentleman Start Your Engines", Brad now rolls on to the track confident he can come home on this day with a good finish, checked flies and Brad is on his quest for a win on this day. Brad running a smooth race comes over the headset stating he would like to put rounds into the left side when we pit as the car was getting loose, especially in turn 3. We get this chance on lap 29 where we made the adjustment, added a can of Sunoco race fuel, cleaned windshield and checked tire wear and sent Brad back out. Green waves and Brad restarts in the 16th position. Brad came on the radio lap 54 and stated that the car was losing power in turn 3 and then restoring, as well as still fighting the loose race car and also earlier is water gauge when to 0, not knowing the water temperature is not a good situation. Needed this car next week in Michigan Brad decided to take the position he was in and bring the car in and call it a day as the adjustments necessary could not be done on pit road and would take too long. Debriefing in the pits we think we have a game plan to fix all and should be fine for the VizCom 200 in Michigan. The #48 team finishes in 16th position and maintains its 7th place position in the points standings, not what we wanted, but we will take it with all the issues we encountered.
I want to thank the crew on this day as they did a great job, Brian (tires and adjustments), Dennis(tires and windows), Uncle Ed,(catch can) Jake (gasman) and Rush (spotter).
So now it is back to the garage to make the necessary adjustments and it is off to Michigan for next weeks race. Thanks again for the support, the #48 team really appreciates it!! See ya at the track!!

Leo Kryger

This week was the running of the General Tire 150 down at Charlotte Motor Speedway, and the #48 team and Brad happy to be back in action after missing the race in Toledo last week due to engine issues. While that car is still in the shop being worked on, the #48 Smith Brothers Racing Team pulled their beautiful looking speedway car into Charlotte Motor Speedway looking to rebound from a major disappointment.
Brad unloaded and not much was need to be done with the car as it had not been used since Talladega and was race ready for this weekend. Brad unloaded and in practice put up the 23rd fastest time, not exactly what they were expecting, but Brad knew he had a stout car and no matter what was on the charts this car was capable of more, so no panic on the #48 team.
Brad next took the track for qualifying, looking to better his practice speed and show the field he was one to look out for today. Unfortunately improving was not in the cards for us with Brad qualifying at the same position as practice, 23rd. Marred so far back in the field would present a challenge for Brad and team, but they were up for the challenge.
Brad buckled in for the General Tire 150 on this evening with visions of a safe and successful race, looking to maintain his points position. Unfortunately, again, hoped were dampered has Brad fought and ill handling car and had to park it after only completing 10 laps. Another week of disappointment for the #48 crew , but a smart move as they would rather bring the car home in one piece, than wind up in the wall trying to push it. With this, Brad comes home in 23rd position, and a car still ready to run next week at Pocono in the General Tire #AnywhereIsPossible 200 still sitting 7th in the ARCA Menards Series points standings.
Well it's time to get ready for next week and turn this season around, Pocono is a good track for Brad and good place to do it. We would like to thank all for the support, means a lot!! So come see us at Pocono and cheer us on

Leo Kryger

Well this weeks race, Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200, in Toledo has come and gone, only with one huge downside, no #48 in the field, but not without a galant effort from Brad and a few others from the #48 who were able to lend a hand. The engine issue that arose during the running of the General Tire Music City 200 presented by Inspectra Thermal Solutions at Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville on May 5th were a bit too much to overcome.
Leaving that race the team knew they had work ahead of them, but also did not expect it to be as extensive as having to perform a motor replacement. The loss of Hylton Motorsports backing the team put resources at a minimum, but Brad was able to find another motor, but the work was time consuming and laborious as nothing seem to go easy with the installation as it was and older motor to which the team was trying to rehab in hope's to be competitive on the track.
The call came at 4AM the day before the race that chances of seeing the #48 in Toledo had vanished, making Brad's 4th Top 10 finish in a row a good more challenging task for him and the team. Brad being the positive driver is was upset but promised we will be back next race and we will overcome.
So back at the shop Brad and team are hard at work to assure a start next week at Charlotte in the General Tire 150 and the following week in Pocono for the General Tire #AnywhereIsPossible 200.
Brad currently sits 7th in the ARCA points standings and would like to thank each of you for the support and following the #48 team, it means a lot to him. We are always looking for sponsors to help us compete competitive, so keep eyes and ears open. We will see you next week in Charlotte, stop by and see us!!

Leo Kryger

After an emotional weekend the prior race in Talladega, being able to avoid “The Big One” and finishing a competitive 16th place, moving up to 5th in driver points, the #48 team was looking to ride the momentum this week into Nashville in the running of the General Tire Music City 200 presented by Inspectra Thermal Solutions.

                On Friday the #48 team, driving from their home base in Michigan, hauled their Copraya.com/HIE Publishing #48 through the gates of Fairgrounds Speedway for this week’s running of General Tire Music City 200. Friday was not a day of much activity as it was set aside for the teams to unload cars and equipment, on track or working on cars not permitted.  Being that the #48 team unloaded and checked themselves in at their hotels with thoughts of a good race day on Saturday.

                Upon arrival at the track on Saturday, looking at the sky and their radars, all knew weather would be a factor on this day and it would be very questionable as to whether or not they would be able to get the race in, if any racing at all, if not the #48 team would have to wait for Sunday  to continue their momentum. The weather held out long enough for ARCA to get a practice in, but would not cooperate in letting them get the Main Event in on this day; Brad’s hopes of winning General Tire Music City 200 are put on hold for the next day.

                Unfortunately the practice session was not all that the Copraya.com #48 racing team expected as towards the end of the practice session heard a noise on the lower half of the motor forcing them to pull in early to assess the issue and left them 19th on the speed charts for the upcoming race. The #48 Team worked on the car until the weather rolled in and they hoped that what they had done would be enough to have them run and be competitive the next day as with the weather as it was ARCA knew that they could not get the race in on this evening and postponed it till Sunday at 2PM EST.

                Sunday is here, skies have cleared, #48 teams hopes hinging all the work done to the car the prior evening was the answer to a successful race day. Being that qualifying was rained out on Saturday, according to ARCA rules starting order for the race is based on the last practice speeds, being that the #48 Copraya.com/HIE Publishing would start 19th on this day. This is not a damper for the team, but they knew they had a lot of work ahead of them.

                Well 1:45PM rolled around, the #48 car is in line for the running of the General Tire Music City 200, Brad is getting ready to strap in for a long grueling 200 lap, 100 mile race, looking for a finish that will keep him 5th in driver’s points or higher by the completion of the race. Well time is here, “Gentlemen Start Your Engines” is announced, race is about to begin and a long day at the track for the crew and driver, but this was not to be. Brad drove off pit road and on to the track and during the caution laps started feeling the vibration and radioed to the crew that it doesn’t seem the issue was not fixed. Well the green flag dropped and while getting up to speed the vibration progressively became worse and Brad after a lap pulled the car in hopes not to create more harm to whatever has let go than necessary.    

                With car on pit road they assessed the issue to the clutch fitting, something that plagued this team earlier in the year, so their race day was over and it was back to Michigan and a long week of work ahead of them to get this short track car ready for the next race. So with the race day over, the #48 team dejected as it was not the day they expected, Brad dropping to 7th in points, they packed up hoping to rebound next week in the Sioux Chief PowerPEX 200 at Toledo Speedway on May 19th. We will see you at the track next week, come out and cheer us on!!


Leo Kryger

With heavy hearts and high expectations the #48 car rolled into Talladega this weekend, as this weekend marked the one year Anniversary of the tragic accident taking the patriarch of our racing family, James Hylton Sr. and his son James “Tweet” Hylton Jr. Passing through the gates of Talladega was the same car in which we used at Daytona, which was a stout car, being that it was a new car to us at the time we learned what we like and we could improve on to be more competitive. Between Daytona and Talladega weekend many improvements were made to the car hoping to make it more competitive, this was proven to be true.

            Our goal coming into any restrictor plate race is simple: race conservative, avoid the big one/s, stay with the lead pack, or keep them within our reach, most importantly finish the race in one piece, (car and driver after another devastating accident in 2016 related to racing Talladega weekend for this team happened which put Brad out of the car for one full year), in hopes that this would translate into a decent finish.

            This was the 48 teams plan knowing we needed to get our overall lap count percentage increased due to ARCA incentives, as well as we desperately need time, instead of fixing our superspeedway car, getting back home to improving our car short track car before leaving for the next race in Nashville in 5 days. A poor finish or a DNF was not an option as this would have devastated our 2019 racing program.

The team spent a great deal of time making small, but necessary adjustments, to the car on Inspection Day (Thursday), knowing from our previous efforts with this car at Daytona, would make this car more competitive this race weekend. These adjustments were proven to be successful as we brought home a top~25 qualifying effort.

Led by our Crew Chief Rush McGrady, this teams efforts and patience of the crew were greatly appreciated by the driver, Brad Smith, as we had numerous changes to make early on in order to be competitive. Very early in the race the 48 hooked up with the #11 car in a 2~car draft and Brad drafted with him most of the race. The 11 car owner by Andy Hillenburg, knowing the quality of his cars and the driver Brad felt comfortable drafting with him. Andy has been a good friend of ours for years and our superspeedway car was actually in his shop being worked on before Daytona, so Brad felt we were in good company from a drafting-partner perspective knowing that these cars had similar set-up’s.

The first half of the race, we raced our race as planned, it was pretty much caution free, when one came about it was timely for the 48 team as we were in our Sunoco racing fuel window. The team pulled off a flawless fuel-only pit stop, due to the efforts of Carlos Leon performing this task for the 1st time in his ARCA career.

The second half of the race did breed a few cautions, but we came in with a plan and kept with it, continuing to following the #11 until the final laps of the race Brad finished the race with no damage to the car and with a respectable 16th place finish, mission accomplished

Brad would like to extend special thanks to our sponsors, Copraya.com and HIE Publishing, for their support race in and race out, and very special thanks to my volunteer crew for their huge effort this weekend. We are an independent team fueled by passion and our love for the sport which was clearly evident this weekend.

Looking back on this weekend, I think James and Tweet were smiling down, guiding us, and we made them proud of our efforts and the results of the #48 team. Well, it's to load up, head back to Michigan, unload, and get ready get our short track car for Nashville in 5 days. This team is driving home with smiles leaving Talladega with the car in one piece having run the race we planned on running while moving up to 5th place in Driver Points.

The 48 team would like to thank everyone for their support and we will see you next week in Nashville!!!

Leo Kryger

Well, this is the 1st Daytona opening week without Hylton being present at the track in over 50 years, this team walked into this track with heavy hearts but knowing the Hylton's were looking over their shoulder in hopes of making both James and Tweet as proud as can be. We brought a brand new car to the track, moving from Ford's to Chevy's, it was a pretty looking machine. It was a rough week, car was new to us and they were a lot of things we needed to learn about it which kept us busy for the entire time that we were out the track. This team came together accomplished all this and put a pretty good race car on the track, one that would have made both James and Tweet proud from above. This too could have not been accomplished without the help, from a distance, home recoverying from yet another surgery due to the tragic accident last year, from Terry Strange who in our hearts is always our crew chief and will always be our crew  Chief. Via many phone/text conversations Terry was there for us the entire time and we thank him so much and he was missed at the track we just want him to be better so that we could see him again working side-by-side on this race car. Qualifying didn't go so well as Brad was having problems with the petals on the the car, and wound up losing the pack and the draft when the car stalled which relinquished him to a 34th place start in the Lucas oil 200 on Saturday. Still with high hopes knowing that we had a stout ride  We would be OK for the race. Starting 34th Brad ran a smart race keeping the car out of the many accidents that happened and bringing his car home in 19th position while losing his clutch pedal during the race which hindered his ability to shift through the gears properly and keep up with the pack, but being that we had a strong car we will able to come home completing every lap but 1. Thanks again to the team, Jake, Rush, Little Jeff, Jeff D. John W, John B, Carlos. Brian, Dave, Carl, Uncle Ed, and out PR guy Kevin, for the hard work they put in it was seen by what we put on the track, we still have a lot more work to do on this car for Talladega which will be the next time we will use it but I guarantee you this it will be a better car than it was this week as we did learn a lot. Also want to thank Brad and his brother Jeff for all the hard work and dedication they put in to make sure that the 48 made it to the track this week, if it wasn't for those 2 guys we would have not been here either and the string of the 48 at Daytona ended, So thank you Brad and thank you Jeff, you guys made our  dreams continue on and you made James and Tweets proud and memory live on.  Next race is March 9th in Pensacola Florida when we will have our short track car ready to go and hoping for better finish there and catapult our season to another top 10 points finish for the 4th year in a row.

Jonathan King #29

James Hylton and his son pass away in a car accident Saturday. RIP. I hope the team can stay afloat without one of the greatest heartfelt drivers/owners in ARCA. 

Leo Kryger

Now after a disappointing week at Nashville Hylton Motosports was looking for a fresh start to the season at Salem, was not to be as they went from bad to worse. Let's start before the track, on the way down James had issues with out hauler,  "The bus", as the he had motor issues and breaking down on the road on the way to the track. After getting the hauler running again they stopped for the night only to wake up in the AM with a flat tire on the trailor, only a prelude of things to come. The team hoping all the weekends bad luck was behind them unloaded and began to prep the car for what they hoped would be a good race weekend. Practice rolls around and the 48 gets on the track, driver much happier with the car than in Nashville the previous week, and then it hits, the motor let's go, race weekend is over for Hylton Motorsports as they do not have a reserve motor, this being a big hit as Brad will lose bonus points later down the road for competing in all the races. Not only did Hylton Motorsports lose a motor but so did Basham racing, being that Brad's weekend was over, and the Basham's had access to another motor they assisted them through the night to get the #34 ready for race day. Oh, and did I mention they still had to work on their own hauler so James could make it home the next day. Even though it was a loss for Hylton Motorsports it was a successful weekend for the Basham's as they brought their car home on the 15th position . Well another weekend down and next is Talladega, and still alot of work to be completed on the speedway car due to the accident Brad had in overtime in Daytona, but we know Terry will have it ready and as competitive as it was in Daytona,  so expect a comeback week for Hylton Motorsports this upcoming week!!

Leo Kryger

A little behind, but here we go! Well there was a good stretch of time off between Daytona and Nashville, good for the Hylton Motorsports team as they needed the time to prepare the car in which they purchased over the winter for its inaugural race for Hylton Motorsports. Well, lets say it wasnt the outcome the were striving for, but they did learn alot about the car. Let's say, they unloaded the car and it was nothing but hard work and elbow grease to finish the car for this race weekend. Practice was a good indication of what was to come as the car was 4.3 sec off the top practice speed, really not what was expected but put the back to the grind to figure out what went wrong. The hard work put them in the right direction, but not where they wanted to be as they qualified 2.5sec of the pole position in 22nd starting spot. With that all behind the guys came raceday, hopes as always high, but as the race started they knew this was not to be their day as the car was I'll handling and they could not maintain minimum speed and were requested to get off the track and try to get the car in race shape. Team knew there wasn't much they could do at this point, looked at a few things and ran until asked to leave the track again. All in all they ran 18 circuits leaving them to finish 22nd and 12 in the points standing.  Real disappointment,  but you are bound to have off weeks and they are hoping this is the only one of the season. They packed up and now to get the car ready for Salem the following week.

Leo Kryger

 Well today started with high hopes for what would be the day of Brad's 300 career ARCA start, unfortunately this days was not going to end as Brad or the team.

The day started with the garage opening at 10AM and teams being able to make final adjustments at 10:30. The 48 team looked over the car too assure it was race ready and topped it off with fuel leaving three crew with nothing to do until there pushout to the starting grid at 4PM

This Daytona, as it is every year the fans have the opportunity to meet the drivers to say hello, shake a hand, takes a picture and walk away with an autograph. Brad must have made the day of 150 or more fans today, providing these fans the ultimate racing experience. 

Now we forward to 4:30 whet we strapped in Brad into his Hylton Motorsports entry to make his 300th career start and high hopes for a great finish which was not to be. Brad started the race losing the lead pack rather quickly resulting him losing a lap by lap 17. Within this timeframe the 48 also picked up a vibration but it was decided to leave the car out and hope Brad could drive with it as coming in would have resulted him the team losing a lap. On lap 23 the 1st caution came out and being that Brad was the 1st car one lap down he was granted the "Lucky Dog" putting him back on the lead lap and a second chance at a good finish. Under the caution laps Brad began feeling a loss of power and this became a big decision for the team as to what to do. The crew chief and Brad decided to stay out as even if the motor was going sour there was nothing they could do so they opted to try and run as many laps as possible. Restarts were also a challenge as getting up to speed was an issue and while at top speed could only peak at 6600rmp's when normally these cars will run at 7000-7200rpm's. On lap 40 or so another caution flag flew and the 48 team decide to come in pack the 48 car with Sunoco racing fuel and clean the window as they were well within the windows to make it to the end of the race without another pit stop unless they had a tire issue. Luckily around lap 54 or so the car started showing life again and on lap 58 of the race Brad ran his fastest lap at an average speed of 178.417mph. As at any Daytona race,  as you get closer to the end of the race the drivers up front become more impatient and of course this leads to accident after accident, and this race was no different.  With the field taking the white flag and the field on the backstretch her came a big accident. With Brad's smart driving and patience after this accident Brad found himself restarting in the 14th position for the green/ checkered finish,  but unfortunately the wrecking was not over. After the field took the green flag the two leaders decided to start beating and banging to the point where they took each other out along with 6 other drivers and one of them being Brad. Brad was riding the high line in hopes to clear the accident until he was hit from behind and still looking at the opening to make it through only found the opportunity short lived as the opening closed up quickly collecting Brad. Brad fortunately was ok after the accident but we could not say the same for the car. The car had extensive damage to the left side of the car, the only thing we could do wad load it up on three hauler and take it back to the shop and hope too be able to have the car ready for Talladega which would be the next time we would be using the particular car. 

No,  this was not the finish the team hoped to see for Brad's 300th career finish but this is racing. This had not diminish the teams hope for a great 2018 racing season, we are stil very optimistic and hope you are along for the ride with us,  and we hope too see you at the track someday!!!!

Mike Smith 24

Hi everyone another league to join as well if anyone is interested. Everyone welcomed to join and have fun


Leo Kryger

After a successful Thursday as Daytona speedway, the 48 teamhad high hopes for the Friday qualifying session.

The day started like any other day in the ARCA garage for the 48 team, making last minute adjustments to the car and getting Brad out on the track for final practice. Practice stated at 9:30 and we sent Brad out to equal or better than day before' s speeds, unfortunately not to be. Brad could not hook up with a good draft and posted most single car speeds,  and being the sun was beating down on the track the speeds were a bit slower than the day before when we ran single car runs. All in all the driver was happy with the car and felt comfortable with the handling,  that was most important as we knew what the car could do. 

Team still very positive we prepped the car for final inspection before qualifying, few more tweeks here and there and off we were to the inspection stations once again. As throughout the weekend, thanks too the crew chiefs hard work back at the shop we made it through inspection flawlessly, and note time to lineup on the track for qualifying. 

Qualifying was being done in packs of 6 or 7 for a 4 minute run with you trying to lay down your fastest speed. Many people have different ways of approaching this type of qualifying sessions, one,  stay in line and trying to gain the fastest speeds that the pack can obtain,  two, due what we call a bonzi run whet you lay back and try to suck back up to the pack as Fujitsu is a very effective way of going really fast as you use the draft to make speed. We start in the 2nd position for our group so we opted for choice number 1 as the car ahead of us letdown some quick times in practice and felt that was or best option,  well not to be. It seems the car ahead of us could not duplicate the practice speeds and held us up for the first few laps and by that time the cars teamed up and starred to pass us putting any chance of us putting up a good qualifying speed. Being that, we ended up qualifying in the 31st starting position. 

Yes we were upset, but we know the car is better than where we qualified at so we moved the car in impound too await our raceday tomorrow. 

Leo Kryger

Well the 2018 ARCA series is upon us and the #48 Hylton Motorsports entry driver by our own Brad Smith are looking forward to a highly successful racing season. We took the car down to testing in mid January in order to gain some knowledge of the new composite body, as we had never run it on the high banking of Daytona, as well as to what modifications were necessary in order to have the car race ready according to the ARCA templates upon our return to Daytona in Feb for the running of the Lucas Oil 200. We left the testing session feeling very confident we had a high competitive car and driver pairing for a good finish in the following months race. We did not see the speeds we need, were looking for, but knew with a few modification back a the shop we be ok as Brad felt this was the best car he had ever driven here.

Fast forward to this week. Here we are in Daytona again, this time looking to put our names as winners in the Daytona record books. Must say, these past two days have been long and hard, as they are always here in Daytona, but we are brimming with confidence that we have a great car for this Saturday's race.

Wednesday at 7:30 our hauler pulled into the Daytona infield with high expectations, and we have not been disappointed. Wednesday was a total "tech day", yes tech was hard and nerve racking, as it always is, but what the team learned from their time in Daytona back in Jan, and the know how of our Crew Chief Terry Strange, of course working long and hard back at the shop in between, after rolling the car through engine tech, Elephant stands, templates and finally height sticks we needed only to make a few modifications to the car in order for ARCA to give their thumbs up to call us race ready, better than some years we have been here. 

Thursday day was a continuation of "tech day" as well as finally getting to see what all our hard work would get us on the track. Morning started out with us finishing up what we need to correct from tech the day before and fuel cell inspection, when all done back to tech and hope we are ok to race. Well, have to say, all went smooth and the car rolled through with no further work needed to be done on the car, we were cleared for practice later in the day. Finally the time has come, after all work we put into the car, correcting body shape, adding supports, fix roof and window height, camber/caster adjustments, fixing the tailpipe, list goes on and on, we get to see the fruits of our efforts. Brad took the track at about 4PM, for ARCA's 2 hr practice session and we decided to go out on single run for our first time out to see how it handled and we were not disappointed, car ran great, driver was comfortable, not time for tire temps and a few adjustments before trying some "pack" racing. We made our adjustments and sent him back out only to be even more pleased than after the first run. This time Brad went out was able to hook up with about 7 other cars, where at one point Brad and two others had some separation from the other 5, but were able to eventually run down the pack of 5 and run in a pack for quiet a few laps. Brad during this time threw down the 6th fastest lap. Brad was having issue with water temperature and was able to run a half lane down to cool off the car and still was able to keep pace with running comfortably. Brad had even got on the radio and stated he wanted to fall back a bit on order to see if he could "suck up" to the pack and what do you know, success and the ending of a great practice session for the #48 team and Brad Smith. I asked Brad how it felt and he stated it was handling great and other cars around him did not disturb his handling. We finished 29 in practice, only .8 sec off the leader, that is a big positive as to the potential of this car on race day, you do not always have to lay down the fastest lap to win in a restrictor plate race such as this, you need a good driver and a well handling car and when we feel we have both at this time. So another day in Daytona in the books, tomorrow another 1 hr practice session and then qualifying for the Lucas Oil 200


Leo Kryger

                            Pictures for this week in Indianapolis, yes, James and The King, hard nose competitors with each other back in the day

Leo Kryger

Well another week of ARCA Racing is in the books for the Hylton Racing team. This week as a lot more challenging than others as the team after the Iowa race had an accident early in AM on July 9th right outside of Nashville where the Owner, James Hylton, Car tech, James Hylton Jr, and Crew Chief Terry Strange, went across the median and the Dually and hauler flipped over trapping them inside. Luckily there where some great people in Tennessee who came along as was able to get the out of the rear window unharmed except for some scrapes and bruises. This really put the team behind for this race in Indianapolis, the car they were going to use, "Miss Kitty", was in the hauler and had damage which could not be repaired in time for the race, no hauler nor truck. Thanks to JD Motorsports, who sent a hauler/truck to Tennessee, the team was able to get the car, dually and tools/parts home, trailer was beyond repair. So now down a car, only having one other short track\ intermediate car, "Woody", who needed a work to be ready, the new composite car not ready for racing as of yet, they needed to use the speedway car, "Martina" for this race, not the right car but now they were able to make an the race. Thanks to Empire Racing, who donated a school bus to Hylton Motorsports to haul the race car, but this too was not ready for use in time for the team need to leave for Iowa, steps in JD Motorsports again. They provided a truck and hauler to the team and they left for the race track early Thursday to put the #48 on the track for the race. Getting to this point was not easy, James turning 83 at the end of August, James Jr.(Tweet), Terry, all banged up, along with good friend Greg Burns, worked to ready themselves and the car for this trip. As we know a speedway car and a short track do not mix and braking systems are different, and this was the downfall of the weekend. Brad on Friday went out and qualified 24th for the race, running a smooth cautious lap, but in the race the set-up became an issue. Being this is a short track and they demand a lot of breaking, rotors and brake pads on speedway cars are thinner and the car could not withstand the heat being generated with the constant braking Brad need to do, the brakes became soft and he needed to pit in order to cool them down before return to the track, this lead to a long night for the team and putting them 110 laps down and finishing in 27th place. This did not hurt Brad in the overall standings as he retains the 10th place position but definitely not the night the wanted. This though was a win for the team, the overcame a terrible accident, no car, no hauler/truck, banged up bodies but still made it to the track in order to compete. One thing I will tell you, no matter what, you will never keep James Hytlon away from a race track, and this proves it, this man will always be there and with a smile on his face and greeting his peers, friends and fans, oh and did I mention, ready to race !!

Leo Kryger

Well last night in Iowa it was Brad's 300th ARCA start. Began the weekend starting in the 21st position and finishing the race 8 laps down in the 18th spot, not the finish they were hoping for on such a momentous occasion, but the this should be enough to maintain his top 10 position in the points standings. 19 years of ARCA racing under his belt and he is currently having two of the best seasons of his career under the Hylton banner. Brad appreciates all the support you give him week in and week out and hopes you stop by to say hello if ever at the track.

Randy G

I help Brad and the team out at the races that I can get to. So far this year, I was at Toledo and Michigan and next month I'll be at Lucas Oil Raceway, then Winchester in August and Salem in September.  I can't think of a better team to work with, (and I've worked with quite a few).  All of the guys (and gals) are great to work with and there's not a nicer group of people anywhere.

I'm hoping to make more races with the team next year. Until then, thank you Brad and James for letting me be a part of such a great team.  Go #48


Peaches D.

James Hylton drove a camero # 0 named the love machine at Daytona Arca race 1975.  Want to find out what happened to the car.  I built the rearend in the car and signed under the  rear fender.  My name is Hannah but know around the track as Peaches.  Followed Junior & Cale when sponsor was Holly Farms.  Started a family 1977, stopped traveling the circuit.  Senior Citizen now & planning to go to races in TN, AL, GA.  Hope to find some of my old friends



Leo Kryger

Well, another ARCA race is over at Pocono. For those who watched it know our results, for those who didn't that is why I am here. Lol! We battled a tight race car during our only practice session, driver almost "lost" the car a few times out of turn 3. We added spring rubbers, changed springs, car was better, but we were not totally happy, toward the end of practice the motor sounded sluggish, and at times felt like it was running out of gas and retiring, so we pulled the spark plugs, and replaced, changed a few plug wires, hoping the best during qualifying. During qualifying motor still lacking power we qualified 28th, not what we expected, but in the race. Feeling confident as to what the issue was, during final adjustments the carburetor was bled and float adjusted, again confident we fixed the issue and were optimistic. Race began, once again for a lap car comfortable, motor felt good, but not too long we were Black Flagged to pull the car in. We checked all electrical connections, and plug wires, all looked good and sent car back out again. Car still lacking horsepower we were asked by ARCA to end our day reliquising us to a 31st place finish. Not the day/finish we wanted/expected, but every one is safe and car can be fixed. This finish dropped Brad from 8th in the points standings to 10th. So next week is Michigan and hope for a better finish.

Leo Kryger

Sorry for the dealy in the Talladega follow-up


Well, Mother Nature was not very cooperative, we had to work within the breaks in the weather. Thursday was "tech day", no on track, must say, went alot smoother than the nightmare in Daytona as we brought the same car, "Martina". Friday May 5th was pretty much a washout, no Qualifying, No race, as scheduled, due to time restraints and weather. On this day all we were able to squeeze in was a 30 min practice around 11:30AM to which Brad stated the car felt good, but for some reason when attempting to draft the car would not "suck up", but with the limited practice we did not have enough time to work on/ and test further, running solo Brad was running a respectable 180.2MPH. The scheduled Friday race was rescheduled for Saturday at 5PM. With Quailifying cancelled the 48 team was to start in the 13th position, but due to not making tech line in time Friday were regulated to the rear of the field. We had another soild Super Speedway race and remained on the lead lap until about 10 laps remaining as we lost out "draft" partner due mechanical issue with that car and as well all know groups are faster than an individual car at tracks such as these. All in all we were happy with the outcome, car and driver home safe and anoth 17th place 2017 Super Speedway finish leaving Brad 8th in the ARCA racing points. Well time to get ready for Toldeo next on May 21st.