Will Natalie Decker become the first female winner in ARCA Racing Series history?... 66 years and counting.


Another Danica. Brings the money to occupy a good ride but a 30th place driver. Waste of a good car....put someone in the seat that has a chance to win....

Darin A.

I know the answer to that. Yes! I can definitely see Natalie Decker making history. :)


It would of been a great year to have ARCA back at the Milwaukee Mile with the Wisconsin fan base Natalie would bring.  She could of been the 2nd female winner at the MM with Shawna Robinson being the 1st.



I hope she can take it 1 level at a time.  Keep her in ARCA until she has multiple wins.  Then Trucks until she has multiple wins.  It hasn't worked yet any other way.


Francis D.

I hope that she will win at Madison !


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