Avoid "Bargain" Teams

Avoid "Bargain" Teams

So you want to race in ARCA? I would like to advise you to do your research and you might want to avoid a team that offers you a "bargain". I was supposed to run Talladega with a team only to find out 2 hours before I was supposed to leave that the team couldn't get a car ready for their main driver so I was getting bumped. They offered me 3 races to make up. The first race the car last only 6 laps before the engine blew. The next race I was supposed to be in a different car that overheated after 6 laps in the previous race. I made 1 lap of practice and didn't get to start the race. My third race I started getting texts while on my way to the track that the hauler had broke down. My car never made it to the track. The 2 races that I actually got to get on the track even if it was only for 1 lap I had to wait for tires from one of the other cars on the team in order to get my chance to even practice. There's always a chance for bad luck when you're racing but if you spend more money on your chance to compete in ARCA that will help minimize those chances, maybe even to the point where it won't happen everytime you go to the track. 

Henderson Racing

hey Kevin sorry to hear what happened to you sir, same thing as well on my end but if you want to do some racing in the Arca Series let me know ,we will get you on the track with no issues, and if you need to contact me, my email is hendersonracing09@yahoo.com or you can find me on Facebook as well, plus Twitter @ArcaDriver16...


Let me guess, Peterson or Carter.

Kevin H.

Good guesses. The correct answer is "B". Although it may not cost you Venturini or Lira money to race with Wayne at least with him you can be assured you will race and not get lied to about why you're not going to get to race that weekend. I had former employees of C2M pull me aside at two different races where I was scheduled to race to tell me the real story of why I wasn't running. One race I started receiving texts as I was traveling to the track that the hauler had broke down and they couldn't get my car there. When I got to the track to see C2M arrive they showed up with one car, the very chassis that Roger "promised" me I would be racing in at that race. A little later his one and only remaining employee pulled me aside to tell me that he never had a car ready for me. Another race I sent Roger extra money to assure the car I was supposed to drive would be ready for me, I discovered when I got there that no repairs or prep work was done to the car for the race. Roger later admitted to me that he screwed me on that one and he would "pay me back" on it....still waiting on that and not holding my breath. Roger took that same car to the next race on the schedule and took money from another driver and tried to pass off that the car developed mechanical problems. That driver never got to start that race either just like me.