Global Radio Car Racing Championship, race opportunities at Milton Keynes

The world’s finest racing competitors from across the world will meet atMiddleton Hall at center: Mk for a weekend of competition.

British Radio Car Association choose center: Mkas the venue for their annual model motorshow where competitors will race against each other to compete and decide who will win the crown of Global Radio Car Racing Championship.

The 500sqm track surrounded by spectators will see the competitors at 50mps to beat their rivals in race which last long for 12 seconds. The BRCA is expecting this to be the best show yet and center: Mk to be the best venue for their event. BRCA also gives an opportunity to spectator who come there, “Arrive& Drive” track.

In this the BRCA is providing an opportunity to drive car on track to the spectators. Spectators don’t get opportunities like this everywhere. Driving car at race track is very big opportunity for spectators.

The model Motor sport is always remains a big and very popular event for people but this time the biggest car manufacturer company Porsche is joining Porsche Carrera Cup as official event supporter. Local school children are also invited in the event for seminar from car companies to give them tips on auto engineering for car production by their car experts.

The Head of marketing at center: Mk said, “We can’t wait to welcome the British Radio Car Association’s Model Motorsport at Middleton Hall.”

It’s fantastic to host a motor show like this and put a spotlight on the sport event like this. We welcome everyone to come out and try something new and support the sport.

There will be many opportunities for people especially at “Arrive & Drive” track. Hope that many people come down to try something new and try their luck.There are also great motor-racing opportunities at William Hill. Model cars are engineered in same way as F1 car. Many F1 drivers started driving with these cars. The BRCA is in the existence for more than 40 years including 7500 members and 250 clubs in UK.

From the drivers of UK, the top 10 Best racing drivers are at event racing to compete with finest drivers of USA and ASIA. Center: Mk is very popular place for car racing. Opportunity for spectators at Middleton hall for racing is very big opportunity to try something new. Many famous racing drivers are here to attend the model motorsport show. All the cars are designed as real F1 car. Model cars tires are protected with same warming covers that cover the tires of F1 cars.