2018 Policies and Prices

General Tire Speedway Radials - $485.00
General Tire Short Track/Road Course Radials - $314.00
General Tire Road Course Stock Car Wets - $314.00
General Tire Dirt Track Bias - $245.00

General Tire Speedway Wheel - $140.00*
General Tire Short Track Wheel - $75.00*

General Tire Inner Liners - $105.00*

Mounting, Dismounting, Balancing, Tire Scrap Fee
$5.00 for each service.

Service Policies
-Mounting and balancing are included in the price of a new tire.
-Dismounting, mounting, and balancing of scuff tires are charged at the regular rates listed above.
-Ordered sets to be mounted on customer wheels are prioritized by sets and on a first come first served basis. All 1st sets currently on order are completed before 2nd sets are started.
-When picking up tires at the service area, you must sign a work order for the tires and services.

Returning Used and Unused Tires/Superspeedway
-Any Team that drops out prior to one-half of the scheduled speedway race distance may return all unused tires for credit.
-Teams that run beyond one-half of the scheduled speedway race distance may return up to 4 unused tires for credit.
-All returned tires must be unused, clean, unmarked, undamaged and able to be sold as new again. They must be returned within 1 hour of the checkered flag. Only tires purchased at that event may be returned for credit.
-If the inner liner has been subjected to stress through the loss of air pressure in the outer tire, or bead damage from dismounting or an impact, there will be no credit given.
-New tires may not be returned by a team prior to the start of the race if they are still participating in the race.
-These policies apply to speedway races only. Dirt track tires cannot be returned for credit.

-All wheels must be clearly marked with the registered car number per the ARCA rulebook.
-The wheel must be undamaged, less than 3 years old, 27 lbs (no lightweight wheels), and meet all ARCA specifications.
-General Tire reserves the right to refuse mounting of wheels that do not meet our standards.
-Customers are ultimately responsible for their own wheels. General Tire will not haul customer wheels left behind.

Payment Policies/Procedures
-Teams must establish an account prior to receiving tires or services by leaving a form of payment.
-A form of payment may be a signed check payable to General Tire, cash, or a credit card with an authorized signature.
-Checks returned for insufficient funds will be assessed a $25.00 charge and that Team will be required to provide an alternate method of payment for future events.
-A detailed invoice may be picked up at the end of the event within 1 hour of the checkered flag.
-Any invoices not picked up at the event will be faxed or mailed to you.
-State sales tax will be charged for product and services according to individual state law.
-Tax Exempt forms must be on file with General Tire prior to invoicing.
-Car Owners listed on the ARCA entry are ultimately responsible for any debts incurred by car numbers he enters.

Scuff Tires
-Any used tires not picked up immediately will be disposed of and the team will be charged a Scrap Fee.
-The driver / owner accepts full responsibility to determine the suitability and condition of any used tire presented for service work.
-As experienced racers the driver and owner of the team stipulates that they have the experience, knowledge, and ability to determine the condition of any racing tire for the application.
-The driver/owner authorize any of their agents, team members, and crew to present and accept a tire for service work.
-General Tire makes absolutely no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the fitness of used tires.
-General Tire personnel will not comment on the condition of any used tires.
-General Tire will not be responsible for the quality, performance, or use of any used tires.
-General Tire reserves the right to refuse to mount any used tires for any reason.
-General personnel will not be involved in the sale or selection of used tires and General Tire will not responsible for damage to used tires or liners during the mounting and dismounting process.
-No replacements or discounts will be offered.
-The mounting of new tires will take priority over the mounting of scuff tires.
-Inner liner credits or debits involved in the transaction must be clearly stated and agreed upon by both parties if applicable.
-Any applicable inner liner credit will be determined based on inspection and condition.
-Transfer of the inner tire is also done solely at the discretion of the driver/owner. General Tire makes no judgment or approval of the unit.
Revision 1-3-18