What Every Tire Guy/Girl Should Know

Always keep at least 15psi more in the inner liner (compared to the outer tire chamber) to keep it from unseating.
Nitrogen replacement procedures (purging):
1. Deflate the outer chamber (tire) completely.
2. Deflate the inner chamber (liner) to no less than 15psi.
3. Inflate the inner liner to recommended pressure.
4. Inflate the outer tire to recommended pressure.

Make sure you are not overinflating the inner-liners. This can cause a dangerous situation for everyone including tire mounting staff

During all speedway practices and races we have staff on pit road to check tire conditions and temperatures. They usually set up just before the entrance to the paddock/garage area. They are there to gather tire information and help you so please feel free to ask questions. Have your driver stop in the designated area, turn off their engine, and turn the front tires for better access. Make sure your driver doesn't start the engine until we hand you the tire temp slip and everyone is clear. Also, please help them keep this area safe by communicating as much as possible and paying attention to the ARCA Officials.

The first two and last two hours of an event are the busiest for us. The first two obviously involve getting everyone their tires and the last two involve everyone returning their tires. Please be organized, know and practice the policies and procedures (listed on this page), and communicate your needs and everything should go very smoothly.

During returns make sure you tell our guys up front receiving returns if there are any damaged wheels and/or liners and keep those on top of the stack or on the end of the rack. This will save everyone a lot of time.

Don't write, paint, or chalk too much information on a new tire if there is any chance you will be returning it for credit. We must be able to sell these as new. Never write on the sticker on the tread, or on the wheel if it is ours.
Once again, please read our simple policies and procedures listed here and help us make our operation run as smooth as possible. Thanks