• General Tire

    2018 ARCA General Tire Codes

    All information subject to change 1/13/18 Daytona Open - 7331 Left/8492 Right 2/10/18 Daytona Race - 7331 Left/8492 Right 4/7/18 Nashville - 27 Left/44 Right 4/22/18 Salem - 27 Left/44 Right 4/27/18 Talladega - 7331...Read more
  • General Tire

    What Every Tire Guy/Girl Should Know

    Always keep at least 15psi more in the inner liner (compared to the outer tire chamber) to keep it from unseating. Nitrogen replacement procedures (purging): 1. Deflate the outer chamber (tire) completely. 2. Deflate the...Read more
  • General Tire

    2018 Policies and Prices

    Tires General Tire Speedway Radials - $485.00 General Tire Short Track/Road Course Radials - $314.00 General Tire Road Course Stock Car Wets - $314.00 General Tire Dirt Track Bias - $245.00 Wheels General Tire Speedway Wheel...Read more
  • General Tire

    2018 Short Track Wheel Program

    Short Track Wheel Assembly $389.00 Includes: General Tire Short Track Radial $314.00 General Tire Single Inner Stem Short Track Wheel - $75.00* -At the time of purchase and pickup the Team will be charged $389.00 for each...Read more
  • General Tire

    2018 Speedway Wheel Program

    General Tire Speedway Wheel Assembly $730.00 Includes: General Tire Speedway Radial $485.00 General Tire Speedway Wheel $140.00*refundable General Tire Speedway Inner Liner $105.00*refundable -At the time of purchase and...Read more
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  • Tropical Manor Daytona Hotel Special ARCA Rates

    Tropical Manor Daytona Hotel Special ARCA Rates

    Tropical Manor on the Ocean. Daytona Beach Shores, FL. Special Weekly and Monthly Rates for ARCA Team Members at Charming Oceanfront Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. Great Selection of Affordable, Well-Equipped Studios...Read more