Intercomp Precision Hub Scale Removes Need for Setup Wheels and Tires

Intercomp’s Precision Hub Scale System allows engineers
and mechanics to remove inconsistencies with wheels and
mounted tires that can affect the optimal setup on a racecar.

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Intercomp Microflex Maximizes Performance of Purebred Racecars

Intercomp’s Microflex™ Scale System allows the most
sophisticated racing chassis to be properly set up due to
ultra-low deflection pads. When dealing with a racecar
chassis that is extremely sensitive to change, or has a large
variety of small adjustments, a four-load cell billet pad offers
the repeatability needed for consistent weighing results,
regardless of tire placement on the pad.

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2018 Upcoming Events

All information subject to change _________________________________ LOR/Indy Race (rescheduled from 9/7 rain-out)Oct 6, 2018. General Tire Codes – 27 Lefts and 44 Rights Approximate Roll-out 87 1/4" Lefts and 88 5/8" Rights...
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