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Activities that may penalize your website in Google search engine

Google, the most used search engine, follows different rules when giving importance to one page or the other, so it is necessary to make a good web positioning, Google to take it into consideration. There are many people who are aware of the movements of the giant search engine Google, as our work depends on these movements.

In addition to the people who work and focus our activity in online marketing and web positioning , more and more users interested in the topic emerge who want to know more about how this world works.

The truth is that, the search follows a series of rules or parameters when deciding which page positions for each keyword, and these standards are constantly changing, so who dedicate ourselves to this we must keep abreast of these changes and taken into account to do our best work.

Recent reports indicate that Google, which always goes in search of the Spammers called now have in mind make the new patent called "Ranking Documents" with which, you will be able to identify those Spammers to perform their usual work, with the sole aim of improving the classification of its pages or its customers in the search.

The operation of this new patent is a system by which Google ranks search engine results, based on the search, the time period ... with the aim of identifying those spammers that make changes to the document, provided to improve their positioning again, such actions are typical that can perform any professional search engine optimization: changes in the title, description, content, alts, headers ... And shares Directory- off unnatural Page.

With this, Google determines that these classifications can help identify contents and subjects whose activity will focus on spamming and penalize web pages positioning.

In addition Google has other tools that determine the positioning as Google Panda and Google Penguin.

All people who decide to work on the SEO of your page should be aware of these algorithms and take into account that more is not always better, we cannot rely on a basic knowledge of SEO and start working on large amounts of different keywords and generate excessive links, since all that work, can turn against us and if so, the search itself will penalizes the web.

As we all know, the SEO takes time, experts recommend doing things right the first time and wait patiently to pick fruit.

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