ARCA Banquet 2017 Cometic Crew Chief Donnie Richeson

Beth R.

I could not be any mor proud of my husband for the award well deserved but as you can see there is no I in TEAM for him. As one of his former employees, Jason Reisman said  it best...

Wow! Couldn't not think of a more deserving person to win the arca championship. Donnie has influenced and changed so many lives on his way to this championship. It was an honor to have previously worked with him. Actually, if anybody knows Donnie you don't work for him, you work beside him. I will be forever grateful of what he has taught and shown me in our time together. Congratulations Donnie! You are proof hard work and dedication pay off! Jason R.

I pray that he has many more successful and wonderful years to come doing what he loves to do. 

Congrats to Austin, who we love like a son and to the entire KSR team. Thank you Kenny and Ann Schrader for trusting in Donnie for all these years.