For those of you who missed the fun last Friday when Charlie Krall and Andrea Volpp took you on a grid walk on Kansas Speedway, just before the Kansas 150,  where we talk with all of our drivers and some other special guests just before they go on track- here it is again! 

We get to hear there thoughts on what they did throughout the day, their thoughts on how their 2018 season went, and whats coming up next for them.

We're excited to bring you more of these next year! Let us know who you'd particularly like to see :) 

Joseph D.

That was a lot of fun to watch. Thanks for the great 2018. Really excited about 2019.

Andrea V

Glad you enjoyed it! We'll definitely be continuing it in 2019 :) 

Charles Krall

My favorite part was when we were talking to Michael and the 41 came up on us. Good stuff, good to have everyone smiling and laughing about it too.

Chip H.

Thanks for posting that, missed it live. Tyler came up in the stands at LOR during the rain delay, talking to us fans. Nice move.

Andrea V

Happy to repost it for you all!
It was a fun and memorable night that we want to make sure everyone gets to experience over and over again. :) 


That sounds just like the incredibly kind and lovely thing Tyler would do. Glad you got to say "hi!"