"In His Own Words" With Bret Holmes

Running full time and hoping for the ARCA Championship this year, Bret Holmes started off strong and in the top five a good majority of the time at the Lucas Oil 200 in Daytona.
Unfortunately, he didn't end up where he wanted to be after getting taken out with just a few laps to go...just like the year before.

 We decided to get "In His Own Words" the thoughts and feelings he is having after that race, and what is going through his mind before he hops behind the wheel at Five Flags. 

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Andrea V

Hope you're all enjoying this more in-depth, drivers viewpoint of the race.

We have another "In His Own Words" with Michael Self coming next week! 


seems like he should be madder about it


Brett comes across as very professional. He cant change what happened. The temper tantrum helmet throwing "Boys get at it" got old real fast. I'm sure that his current and future sponsors would agree.  It would be great to see him get a win this year even as soon as next week at a track where he won a championship. Hope he has his best year ever this year. These are the kind of drivers that most race fans want to see advance in their careers and be able to follow in many year to come.

John T

Couldn't have said it better myself, JB#21Fan. 

It definitely sucks, but I suppose they need to go into Daytona keeping in mind something like that might happen. 

John T

Wishing him the best luck at Five Flags! 

Bill Nassar

It seems like there are a couple drivers that should be responding to this?

Bill Nassar

Did Daytona ruin his season?