"From Dirt to Daytona" Trailer

Life long racer Tommy Vigh Jr. shares of his journey from the dirt tracks of the northeast to the banked asphalt of Daytona, as he enters his first Daytona ARCA Race; and continues to tackle the 2019 ARCA Menards Series race schedule... Keep an eye out for the upcoming sizzle reel and "From Dirt to Daytona" video series...sponsored by Extreme Kleaner, Proud Sponsor of the ARCA Menards Series...

John C.

nice-  wow- great stuff- congratulations-  to tom and the team !!!  great video- looking forward to finished reel- All the best to tom and team-- living the dream tom, living the dream !!!!! 

John T

Love this personal side of the drivers. 

Beautifully shot! 


Looking forward to it.




Bill Nassar