Who Knows Big Bill Better?

These drivers have all won trophies on the racetrack, but between Chandler Smith, Michael Self, and Christian Eckes- who will win in a game of who knows who? The two time ARCA Champion and now team owner, Bill Venturini, puts his drivers to the test to see which one of them knows him better

Next Wednesday, March 27th we find out who knows Travis Braden better. His spotter, or his girlfriend. Stay tuned! 
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Richard Ignoffo Jr.

Trivia for Big Bill:

1) What Racing Championships did Big Bill win as a tire changer. (Your clue is no power tools were used.)

2) When Big Bill had his Chicago race shop in his home garage there wasn’t the luxury of having complete fresh engines to swap out. Only short blocks, the entire top end and headers were swapped out.

Part 1 : Which two crew members did the fastest swap?

Part 2 : How long would it take?

Part 3 : What time after completion did Big Bill usually tune the engine?

Trivia from his favorite cousin.







Bill Nassar

Awesome.  Do more like this.

Andrea V

Oh, we have several more lined up! :)

John T

Oh man, those bloopers are the best part! 

Love Chandler trying to get the answers out of them before the video starts lol! 

Andrea V

Smart guy- anticipating that would be one of the questions 


fun & entertaining to watch.

Andrea V

Glad you enjoyed it! :) 

Theres ones with Travis Braden and Bret Holmes quizzing their spotters and girlfriends- coming soon!! 


Looking forward to it !!!