Who Knows Travis The Best?

We pinned girlfriend against spotter to see which one knows our championship contender, Travis Braden, the best. 

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-Watch our last "Who Knows Who" with team owner Bill Venturini, and his drivers Christian Eckes, Michael Self, and Chandler Smith
-Follow Bret Holmes' driver page to get notified next Wednesday when we find out whether his spotter Nic, or girlfriend Mindy, know him better. 
-Follow Travis' driver page to get notified anytime he goes on track, or whenever new content gets added to his page. 

Darin A.

That was very fun to watch...lol... :D

Andrea V

Glad you enjoyed it, Darin! 

Bryan H.

Jeff Gordon?!?   Come on man you can do better then that!   Dude was local sprint car driver that forgot his roots.  

go faster

Thanks for taking the time to write back!    Hoping you can be #1 in points soon.

go faster

Those three make a day at the races look fun

Travis Braden

Any day at a race track is fun, and there's a ton of fun people to meet! Glad you enjoyed the vid!


That was entertaining to watch...very funny!!!

Andrea V

So happy to hear it gave you a good chuckle :)

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