Hailie Deegan Takes Her First Laps At Toledo

Ernie L.

If you want to get to know Hailie watch her YouTube videos. Shes got a good head on her shoulders and her dad is a great mentor.  I watched her win the Vegas race in person, and met her. Female drivers need to be somewhat aggressive. I wish Natalie Decker was more so, If you look at Danica Paticks NASCAR career you will see that most of her wrecks were not her fault. She was either caught up in a pileup or someone wrecked her, It was rare that she crashed while driving  with no other cars around her. They race Hailie the same way.  So you go girl and kick some rear bumper,

Bill Nassar

 She is in a great car with a great team.  She has a name, a championship winning team, and all of the opportunity that being a girl in stock car racing brings.  But can she beat the any of the top 5 in points and Smith and Gibbs?   Unless they crash, she finishes 8th or worse.  (my opinion)     ARCA is not K&N.   Winning here is hard.   So c'mon Hailie, prove me wrong.


She is going to do good on the ARCA side but my only concern is her aggresiveness on track but other then that she'll do great in her handful of starts this season..


If she is over aggressive on the track their will be a very good chance it will be against her teammates. This should be very interesting.



Ur right.. It will be.